Name: Juliana Freeman
Phone: USA: 610-588-3888 UK: 07880 550915
United States and UK
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Access Consciousness. I'm a facilitator of Bars, The Foundation class, body processes and personal sessions. I'm delighted to be sharing these incredible Access tools with you and to assist you in becoming all that you can be.

I've trained in many healing modalities over 35 years and have found nothing that creates change and transformation more quickly and effectively than Access!

Access Bars can allow us to release old programming, beliefs, judgements, fixed points of view and limits that we've developed over our entire lifetime (and beyond). Just imagine how our world can transform as more and more of us let go of old stuck ways and become infinitely conscious of what could be possible for ourselves and for the entire world around us. There are no limits to what is possible other than those we impose or take on so what would it take for you to become more aware of your potential? Receiving the Bars give you the space to truly relax to be you and can give truly life changing results.

The Foundation class gives you the tools and processes to make your life work the way you would choose to have it be. What if you really could change anything - what would you choose? These classes are a joy to facilitate and create a space for you to peel away the layers of conditioning and limitation to reveal more of who you truly are.

Classes are normally held in Bangor, Pennsylvania or around the Salisbury area in the UK but I am happy to travel to your area if you would like to host a class. In a Bars class you give and receive two sessions and will be given full and clear instructions, including a comprehensive manual and headcharts, of how to do this for others after the day. Foundation and Level 1 classes are two days each and are filled with the most amazing tools and processes to change your life to greater and greater possibilities.

I am also available for personal sessions for Bars, Body processes and for working with specific issues, in person or on Skype.

What if your life could truly be filled with ease, joy and glory? What else is possible for you?
What would it take for you to come and experience this for yourself? What contribution can you be to this planet? What contribution can I be to you?

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"Awesome Access Bars day Thank you for taking us to new levels of expansion and spaciousness Juliana Freeman, I highly recommend you as an Access Bars Facilitator, loved it,
I am so full of joy, (and giggles) :D ❤xxx"

"How can I thank you, I can't explain what I feel after our session incredible. So much expansion. I am bowled over by this session Juliana it was like taking my first breath. How the wisdom of life streams through us when we open to it. What you have given me today goes way beyond what money can do as a gesture of thanks." (after first Bars session) CP

"I am noticing that ways I have been thinking and feeling for years have suddenly changed and I just don't feel that way anymore..... In fact I am noticing that they seem quite strange to me! It's like layers of insecurities and angst in certain situations and interactions have just kind of dissolved! It's incredible really." (after second Bars session) CP

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