Name: Dee Lommerse
Phone: 970-290-5965
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What if anything were possible? What would you choose?
What if life were FUN?
What if there were absolutely nothing wrong with you?
What if everyone in the world knew the gift they truly are to everyone and everything on this planet?
Would the world be a different place?

I’ve been a seeker all my life. At the ripe old age of 13, I realized the Catholic Church had been lying to me all along. Absolutely pissed that a religion would lie to its parishioners, I began my “spiritual” journey. Yes, I had an attitude at 13! Ha!

Since then I have explored all sorts of religions, philosophies and modalities. I went to seminar after seminar searching for that thing that would create a life of ease – something I KNEW was possible but seemed to continue to elude me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been pretty spanking happy most of my life, but I continued to judge my life as not complete because I wasn’t married, money wasn’t flowing in by the bucketfuls, and for the life of me I could NOT find my purpose in life! What was wrong with me?

As I continued my search, I found everyone had the “answer” but everyone had a different answer. They couldn’t all be right. I was getting pissed again. And then I realized, I knew what I knew. I didn’t need anyone giving me any answers. I knew the universe was abundant. I knew that whatever I wanted, I just needed to be clear with the universe and it would deliver it to me. And…interestingly enough, I still thought that since I didn’t have everything I wanted – money, relationship, purpose, etc. – there still had to be something wrong with me.

Enter Access. About 2 years ago, as a result of being on someone’s mailing list (a mailing list I don’t remember ever signing up for – strange huh?) I found out about Access Consciousness. Gary Douglas was talking about all the things I had been saying for years – the universe wants to fully support us and the universe is wholly abundant > so we can be too!! I began to immerse myself in classes and what I found is Access is the first modality to have completely pragmatic tools that actually worked – AND created lasting change! And most importantly, it showed me all the ways I judged myself and how THAT was the nail in my coffin all these years.

Any of this sound familiar to you? It seems to be a reoccurring theme for people who have found their way to Access. Would you like to start to change all of this and have greater ease with everything in your life? What would it be like to stop judging YOU?

Come join me for some amazing, fun and expansive classes!

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