Name: Marilyn Bradford
Phone: 512-731-1133
Santa Fe
New Mexico
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I’ve always been a seeker – Always known that there had to be something greater, different – something that made more sense, was more expansive and less contractive. Something that was alive and joyful and fun! Something where I could shine, rather than adapt myself to other’s proscribed rules on how to live.

For many years I buried that awareness under a blanket of trying to fit in and play the roles I had been assigned to play. I was the good daughter, the teacher, the new wife, the intellectual, all the while feeling phony. I took up acting because it seemed the most real thing that I could do. At least it wasn’t a lie!

Still - I kept seeking. I tried all of the metaphysical things I could find including five kinds of meditation, astrology, tromping around India with a guru, and more! Finally, a friend introduced me to Access Consciousness.

With Access, I’ve not found the answer to my seeking; I’ve found the question – and that has made all the difference!

As a psychotherapist for many years, my target was always to empower people, yet I was stuck in a system of theories and answers. I finally realized that the purpose of traditional psychotherapy is to give people a better adjustment to this reality, not to empower them to move beyond and great something greater. The traditional recovery program for alcoholism, was even worse! I was in it for years, not knowing there was another possibility. It’s a fixed system of beliefs and limitations that’s applied to all who enter. All are doomed to an identity, a life time of meetings, steps, and no hope of ever beating addiction! Wow! No matter how hard I tried, that just wasn’t enough for me!

As I began applying the tools of Access to my psychotherapy clients, I noticed they were getting better faster, and without all of the trauma/drama. I approached Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness to see if we could do anything with Access and Addiction. He responded with a huge “YES!” and has been continuously contributing to me and Right Recovery For You. Working with Gary, I realized that the truth about addiction and recovery was light years away from how it was described and treated in this reality. Any and every addictive and compulsive behavior is absolutely beatable with the tools of Right Recovery For You – The Access Consciousness based empowering system for dealing with any addictive or compulsive behavior.

I am so grateful to Gary and for Access, and actually for myself for choosing it! What if you were willing to acknowledge yourself for choosing something beyond the ordinary?

I love facilitating Bars, Foundation and Level 1. The basics of Access are unbeatable! Empowering people, assisting in clearing limitations, being there for the Ah Ha moments as well as the Holy Sh__! moments is a true gift! I am also thrilled and honored to be able to take a completely different, effective and life changing method of dealing with any addiction into this world and beyond! Really – How does it get any better than this??!! And…one of my favorites –What else is possible beyond anything we have every imagined!?!

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