Name: Donna Hall-Hildebrand
Phone: 214-680-1185
Address: 900 Crimson Rd
DFW Texas
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Hi!! I am Donna Hall-Hildebrand. I have been a massage therapist for over 15 years and an Access Bars® facilitator and practitioner for over 4 years. I have trained in so many different advanced massage modalities as well as energy modalities, and Access Bars® is one of my most favorite, because of the incredible contribution it is to bodies!!

As a massage therapist, I am so excited to be an Access Bars® facilitator and practitioner! 

When I was asked to attend an Access Bars® class, I immediately said “NO THANKS!” Then the Chiropractor who was facilitating the class, told me that I could get CEU’s for the class. I needed some CEU’s and I was tired of taking the same old classes that could fit into my budget, so I registered on that conclusion alone. I am beyond thrilled that I made that choice!

A bars session might change a little or it might change a lot.  For me, each session was different with the results I noticed.  One time I walked away with more hope & clarity. Another time I walked away with more vitality and energy. The next time I walked away with breakthroughs on how I thought, felt, and acted.   Some times I leave just feeling nurtured & relaxed.  There was a bars class I facilitated where I left without the need to use the asthma inhaler that I had been using every night for over 2 months. All the sessions have created new changes & steps towards what I desire, some might seem small & some are certainly big.  

My first BARS experience was in my first BARS class a little over 4 years ago.  It WOWs me to look at my life and recognize how much change has occurred for me as well as how many new possibilities I have seen and created, from just the first year after my first BARS session and class. Overall, when I look at my life over the last couple of years, I am blown away at the changes that have occurred for me and my life! My view of life, my experience of life, my health, and my actual life: my relationships, my business, my massage therapy practice, my capacities, are all unrecognizable and unbelievable to the life I had at the beginning of that first BARS session, 4 years ago.  I find myself amazed at the magic that has occurred with my life, my body, and my living!! 

Since 1992 (when I was 20 years old), I have been actively searching for and using transformational tools in my life. Some haven't seemed to help much, others helped tremendously, but Access Conscious tools have given me not only the biggest shifts, but the EASIEST shifts! That's what I love about this! It has brought so much ease into my life!!

Each time I receive a bars session or give a bars session, I feel like I clear more limitations & breakdown more barriers.  As these limitations & barriers disappear, I see new possibilities & find myself making new choices.  These are possibilities that I couldn't see before & didn't even know they existed for me. I also leave every BARS session feeling empowered to make new choices. These are choices that I previously didn't believe I could make, didn't know how to make, or simple just wasn't making (even though I knew that making the choices would make a difference for me). My reality has gone from being STUCK to having a ZEST for life, to a full out ADVENTUROUS CREATION of "What Else Is Possible?"  

"Possibility is not a menu of past choices. It's beyond anything you know and beyond what was." ~Dr. Dain Heer (co-founder of Access Consciousness)

How can Bars be a contribution to you and your living that would allow you to choose
something greater than you could have otherwise imagined? WITH EASE?

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions generate an electrical charge that connects our neuro-electrical pathways. Sometimes these connections lock us into the way we function - making it appear that possibility and choices are not as available to us. When we do not release these or change them, the same pattern or problem can show up over and over again. An Access Bars® session is like reflexology for your head. It begins to dissipate the electrical charge, unlocking limiting beliefs and patterns.

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