Name: Chrissie Moores
Phone: 07501335627
Address: Kent based but anywhere in UK or worldwide
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I love the Bars !

August 4th 2012 the day my life changed. How does it get any better than that?

Everyone who receives the Bars experiences something different but I'll tell you about my experience.

I was led on the couch and my facilitator was touching the points on my head and I had a sensation of a huge energy swirling round my body. It was just like a tornado but going up from me and widening and widening until it exploded. but it wasn't just me that felt it, the whole room perceived it and the clock fell off the wall 6 feet into the room. Since then I've had a capacity with time and watches.

Two days later I posted on my Facebook page, SERENITY and its meanings. I felt this inner calmness which I had NEVER,EVER felt before and in 2016 I still feel the same, that's why I enjoy facilitating and giving Bars.

Bars is the first stepping stone to something completely different.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars 5/Apr/2017 Manchester Chrissie Moores