Name: Jacque Chapman CFMW (NCBTMB Provider)
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My experience with the tools of Access Consciousness has been nothing short of the coolest, most fun and playful 'work' I have ever had the privilege to facilitate. I've included a few testimonials here from clients as well. You can visit my website at

I have been involved with natural healing for many years. Much of my 'education' has been through my love of horses. For many years I took in rehab horses that several vets had concurred there was no more hope and the animal should just be put down. It is with gratitude that I look upon this time as a Mastery University. Horses are masters in the art of 'being'. Animals are just in their awareness. What if we were to operate from such a space for ourselves? Rather than living in a 'sticky' place of judgment and points of view and what is right and what is wrong.... what would change if you were able to just simply live from the gift of your awareness?

It is where you are starting from and what you are desiring to create as your life that can then show you the choices you do have, and it is your choice that creates your awareness.
What else is possible now that was never possible before this very moment?

What if the changes you are desiring to have are as simple as shifting the energy within?
The unseen will always precede the seen. How can I be the invitation for you to know
that you know? What patterns of harmony are you ready to create and choose now
that will gift you a life and living more fantastic than you could have ever imagined?

How lucky are we to have such dynamic tools and techniques of change available as these?

If you knew you could not fail, what would you choose to create now?

My office is located in Central Phoenix.

Jacque Chapman
Create Wellness Within
Phoenix, AZ
Radio Talk Show Host


After my husband died I was looking for a grief group and happened upon Jacque Chapman's ad which just hit a chord in me, I felt this is just what I need right now. I called and Jacque immediately started asking some questions of me that really made me think in a different way. I decided to take a bars class from her. This was worth every penny because I got immediate results that took my fear and depression away. I started to see the possibilities in my life instead of focusing on the fear of a fake future I had made up in my mind. My involvement with Jacque and Access Consciousness completely changed my life, with even neighbors and family noticing the wonderful way I was looking at life. When I found I had breast cancer months later I felt I had been prepared to face it with a completely new way of thinking than I had had earlier. Now even though I have faced some very tough times I still feel that life does come to me with ease and joy and glory. I am forever thankful to Jacque and Access Consciousness.

R.B. Bozeman, Montana


The last few weeks have been challenging however because of all the work with you I made it through without reverting to medication. Iíve been doing the morning statements, my tapping and listening to Access Consciousness on Voice America plus the downloads.

You came into my life during a crazy time. I didnít have time to visit when we first met but the comments you shared about your work struck me and stayed with me. I remember thinking how I liked your energy and would love to be able to be so peaceful. The next few months I thought about contacting you but didnít take the time. I continued taking the medications (anxiety which dosage was tripled in last year, ďas neededĒ anxiety and sleeping medication) plus the ibuprofen taking almost daily for headaches, going to the weekly psychiatrist visits, dealing the kids acting out, continually trying to make everyone happy and killing myself by not being the real me and letting everyone step all over me. Then I ran across your article. I told myself it was a sign and contacted you. My life has not been the same.

Not only have I been able to finally function without medication again; my kids are no longer as challenging for me and comments which would have pushed me over the top making me run to the ďas neededĒ anxiety medication now have little to no effect on me especially when I ask questions.

Itís amazing to me to be able to listen to a few clearings/recordings to change my attitude/energy around things instead of having to rely on medication!!! Saying THANK YOU doesnít seem like enough!!

Iíve been able to truly speak my truth about what I need or want to do without feeling guilty. I havenít been able to do this since I was a kid. It has felt amazing!! Others reactions are interesting. Iíve been asking the questions which have proved nothing but positive and in a contribution to me!!!

Due to the clearing statements, tapping, the BARS and LifeWave patches, I have been able to eliminate the need for three prescribed medications (anxiety which dosage had been tripled in last year), ďas neededĒ anxiety, one for sleeping) plus the daily ibuprofen needed for headaches. I had been on anxiety medication for over 4 years and previous attempts to go off left me with painful withdrawals and inability to handle my everyday life. Within a month of working with you I was able to go off all medication with no side effects. My mind and body were done with all the chemicals. In addition, I stopped going to counseling, after going weekly for over a year and feeling it was the only thing keeping me from going over the edge.

It feels great to be the one in control of my life again. It is truly amazing what a few sessions can do. After my first bars session, I felt light. The heaviness on my shoulders was gone. I looked in the mirror once I got home and saw the old me, the one Iíve been trying hard to get back to. My oldest boy has told me how I am more fun and smile more now. My horses and I are connecting again, they nicker to me, perk up when they see me and come up to greet me. The last few years they appeared to be in the same numbness state I was in. They didnít nicker to me, would look the other way and seemed to have a sadness in them. How can it get any better than this?

Thank you again for everything!!!

D.D. Helena, Montana


'Do you remember being a smiling, shining beam of light as a young child? Where the possibilities were unlimited, your imagination soared, and you could be anything you wanted to be? Where the world was a wondrous, magical place full of exciting adventures, and everywhere you went, you met new friends just happy to see you?
Working with Jacque and Access Consciousness has opened up new possibilities, and allowed me to let go of the limitations holding me back from being the me that I be. Since my 1st session with Jacque, new doors are opening up each day, and I feel much lighter mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The beam of light that was always there, is shining fully bright once again. Thanks Jacque, I look forward to continuing our sessions in the future. What else is possible? '
KU- Ramsay, MT

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