Name: Emily Holland
Phone: 0411 304 936
Address: Hawthorn
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I was always told that I was "too much" - to be quiet, to listen and think before I speak.. so much so that as a kid, I started to shut off all that I innately knew - to see my gifts and capacities as wrong and selfish. I was a loud, joyful and vivacious kid and I got what I wanted when I wanted it.. I was also very kind and caring and desired for this planet and everyone on it to be happy.. I would put my hands on animals, contributing energy to them; I would facilitate entities to leave the planet peacefully and I would walk up to strangers just to say 'hello' and be with them. I loooved to sing and act - making up skits and songs all the time! By my teens I felt recluse, 'self conscious' and quite OCD.. Whilst I continued to study singing and acting into 'adulthood', the ease of my creativity and the being I was as a kid seemed so far away.. until I came across the tools of Access Consciousness. At first I would only let one person (who introduced Access Bars to me) touch my head.. I would hold my body tense in classes… but everything I heard the facilitators say was so light and expansive.. and I began to connect to the being I truly was - similar to that kid - that potent, demanding and caring being with so many capacities and gifts to offer.

Since finding Access Consciousness, I've used the tools to create my life and change anything that wasn't working for me - and I still do! As a singer/actress and Vocal Coach, I've incorporated the tools in my businesses and performing career. I write and sing my own songs and I’m also writing a musical and a book - and I had previously convinced myself that I wasn't a creative person!! I love money (and have way more of it), chronic pain has disappeared (where at one stage, I could barely walk) and I enjoy my body with ease and peace in my world (and yes lots of people now touch my head - my body loves touch!)... more beautiful people have showed up in my life and… I’m HAPPY!!!! My life flows with way more ease, joy and glory and it has exponentialized beyond my wildest dreams - and it is still expanding and changing.

Access Consciousness isn't an answer. It is a set of tools and body processes that, for me, keeps unlocking and opening the doors for me to choose and create whatever I am asking for. I am the creator of my life and the tools assist me in just that. Choice is what has got me to where I am today and I am so so so very grateful for Gary Douglas, Dr Dain Heer and all the amazing Access Consciousness Facilitators that have assisted me with the tools and questions to support whatever it is I wish to choose, be and create.

So my question to you is.. if you could have anything, change anything, be anything - what would it be? And let's start.. let's start to unlock those doors for you. I love to see people choose and walk through the doors opened.

I'm available for private sessions in person, Skype and phone including Symphony of Possibility sessions, Access Body processes and Access Bars. I also facilitate Access Bars classes, Access Body Class tasters and use the Access Consciousness tools to assist in singing and speech coaching. I'd love to hear from you so please email or call - say hi :-)

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 30/Mar/2017 Kew/Hawthorn Melbourne, VIC Emily Holland
Access Bars® 30/Mar/2017 Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC Emily Holland
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 6/Apr/2017 Kew/Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC Emily Holland
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 20/Apr/2017 Kew/Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC Emily Holland
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 27/Apr/2017 Kew/Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC Emily Holland
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 1/May/2017 Kew/Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC Emily Holland