Name: Dr. Celeste Skardis
Phone: Cell: 505-577-2150 Office: 505-988-5551
Sante Fe
New Mexico
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How did I get to be so lucky? My daughter, Bluejay Skardis, Access LF, said to me, in August, 2007, “Hey, Mom, how would you like to come & visit with me & take a seminar?”
I immediately with great joy & enthusiasm & without even knowing what the seminar was about said, “Yes !” There was magic in her invitation. The details of when & where flew by as if in a dream. I arrived in NYC, did bars, foundation, levels 1, 2, 3 & left never to be the same again. Thank you Access. Thank you dear Bluejay. (Check out Bluejay on this website. The twinkle in her eyes reminds me of when she was in the trees, as a spirit, many years ago, asking me the question, “Wouldn’t you like to have a baby?”)

My mind & being continue to be blown away with every encounter & I have only been doing access for a month ! What else is possible !
Thank you, Gary, Dain, Forest, Blossom, Sandy, Shannon, Tabitha, Bethany, Cheesy, Sulemma, Jamie, Michael & all.

So far the best parts for me:
*No aging & energetic facelifts
*Body treatments & Bars
*Who does this belong to? Does this belong to me? All my life I have been like a cellular antenna for the universe. Various energies didn’t even bother to say hello, they just assumed I would help & I did, unknowingly, until Access. I’m still happy to help & now I can consciously say yes or no.
*Living life in 10 second increments – can’t figure it out? Let it go !
*Not having to live my life to any one else’s standards ! I can be myself, I accept myself, I am myself – what is self -constantly changing.
*Connecting with awareness with everything & anything whenever !
*My mind & hands get to have new ways to play.
*Having my stuff take care of itself. Last week my house key released itself (what a little trickster) from my key chain right onto my driveway & it was my mail man who found it !
*Being happy without any reason - there is fun everywhere.
*Everything from before got me to here now. I am so grateful.
*Lots of consciousness around the world for the earth & everyone.

I invite you to access consciousness & take the next steps in your evolution. I give bars classes & private sessions.
Truly all of life comes to us with ease, joy, glory & magic.

Dr Celeste Skardis is a DOM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine,
licensed as a physician in New Mexico. Her specialties are Pain Management & General Practice. She has practiced in Santa Fe since the mid 80’s & for 15 years prior in Boston & in Europe. She has a loving, dynamic husband of almost 40 years & 2 fabulous children & one amazing grandchild.
She utilizes the most holistic forms of both eastern & western medicine
including acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, naturopathy, manipulation, whole food & supplement nutrition, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine lab testing & other forms of diagnostic testing, EMDR (a form of counseling to quickly relieve trauma), NLP (she is a certified in this healing combination based in clinical hypnotherapy). myofascial release & trigger point therapy, neuraltherapy, IVMT (intravenous micronutrient therapy such as Meyer’s Cocktail, chelation & effective treatment to energize & relieve degenerative diseases), RIT (regenerative injection therapy, aka prolotherapy, effective treatment to regenerate cartilage in any joint, thereby relieving pain permanently).
Ok, take a breath !
She also helps patients (local or at a distance) with highly effective energy treatments such as Reiki (she is a Reiki master), Reconnective Therapy, State of Grace Healing, and Access Energy Transformation. She has studied & trained locally & world wide with MD’s and Shamans, nurses and meditators, educators & caregivers & is truly a renaissance healer & now she is a bars facilitator & she can’t wait to invite more & more wonderful beings to discover access for themselves…stay tuned ! What else is possible!

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