Name: Rudrani Devi
Phone: 615-269-9595
Address: 3620 Rainbow Place
United States
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• Certified Meditation and Conscious Living Teacher
• Certified Life Alignment Technique & House Alignment® Practitioner
• Certified Access Consciousness™ BARS facilitator & Access body processes facilitator, specializing in ‘energy therapy’
• Owner, The Devi Clinic®, Devi Essentials, Inc. ® & Devi Publishing House®
• Minister

Rüdrani Devi is an authentic Shaman, descending from generations of gifted women within her family lineage. Considered a medical intuitive in the healing community, she studied and became a certified vibrational healer in Life Alignment Technique® through the National Institute of Health in Boulder Colorado in 2004.

Rüdrani also offers ‘intuitive readings’ accessing deeper insight about life and situations by tapping into the innate wisdom carried within each soul she is reading for. In this state she is like a radio through which higher energy frequencies can transmit the information needed.

She completed a Teacher Certification Training course becoming a certified Meditation and Conscious Living teacher in 2003. Although she originally began her meditation practice in college, her dedication to the practice came after a retreat she attended in 1988.

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"Soul Survivor, a Healer's Pilgrimage and Homecoming"

"For the Love of Running, a Marathoner's Journey from Victim to Victory"

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Sweet Beings,

In my journey to seek wholeness and fulfillment of who I am authentically, I’ve learned that our true gifts and talents are a choice for each of us to accept and to bring into this world. It is said that , “Many are asked, few choose.” I am the first to say that, for me, the choice has not been easy. However, the blessings have been profound. My survival of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India is further evidence of that. It is my hope that the work that I offer will reach the Souls that can draw from their own inner wisdom and I may be instrumental in helping with your life’s journey. I am honored to serve in any way I can and that you have chosen to to walk this path with me.

In gratitude,

Rüdrani Devi

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 7/Apr/2017 Paducah, 42001, Kentucky Rudrani Devi