Name: Trude Saethre
Phone: +47 41571762
Address: Damfaret 37 B
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One of the things I love to do is to gift Access Bars and to have the privileged

to see the change that can occur just after one Bars session. I am so grateful for this tool.

How did I get so lucky to perceive this tool and to gift this tool?

This tool changed my life completly in so many ways, my gratitude for Gary Douglas for bringing this tool to the world :-)

Its easy to learn and everybody can use it !!

Are you a curious being? Are you searching for a simple tool to change things?

Want to try Access Bars? Want to learn this tool? Or maybe you are looking for something else?

Haw you heard about energetic facelift? Want to try a tool that goes beyond Botox?

And how does it get any better that that?

Access Consciousness has infinite tools for changing anything you want to change in your life,
like various body processes to create more ease in your body.

Please contact me for any questions you have or if you need more information or want to book a session

What contribution can I be?

With ease and joy


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