Name: JoLynn Williams
Phone: 402-312-3654
Nebraska & Iowa
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Access Consciousness® Bars And Body Process Facilitator

I aways knew I wanted to create change in people's lives and in the world. I dabbled in different modalities and kept asking what's out there that would bring lasting change. Then I came across Access Consciousness. I knew this was what I was searching for. I took my first Bars class and had to have more. So I became an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator.
What are the Bars? The Bars are an energetic body process that consists of 32 points or bars on the head. Each bar relates to an area in ones's life such as money, creativity, healing, joy, kindness, peace and calm just to name a few. When they are lightly touched the electromagnetic components of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations of that particular bar dissipates allowing you to be who you truly be. The Bars can do wonders on anyone suffering from PTSD. This can be done while lying down on a massage table or reclining in a chair. A session lasts about 75 minutes or take a day long class and learn the Bars for yourself.
The Bars is a nationally certified provider of CEU's by the NCBTMB. Massage Therapists can receive 8 CE hours for this class. Would you like to learn more? Access Consciousness Body Processes used along with the Bars are dynamic in unlocking the body and the possibility for creating even more change. These classes are 4 hours long.

SESSION $95.00 75 minutes
BODY PROCESS CLASS $75.00 4 hours
BARS CLASS $300.00 8 hours

If you are interested in taking a class but there is no class posted please contact me and arrangements can be made. If you are interested in hosting a class, a discount can be arranged.

Would love to hear from you soon. How does it get any better then that?

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