Name: Catharina Ki Mansson
Phone: +39 3383909367
Address: Via Giuseppe Mercalli 31 (Parioli)
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About me? Well, what you may be interested to know about me can be that I have always known there is something more to discover in life, something more you can be, do, have that you can't put words on.
In all my long life I have tried a lot of activities and jobs, and I have had a lot of fun doing so, and I recognize that what came in first place of my choices was always: Will this be fun for me? not: will this bring me money? Now I know that it would not have been a wrong question to ask as well :):).
As a tourist guide in many countries, my aim was to make peoples holidays a wonderful experience by being prepared and skilled in my guiding and taking care of them. I love that.
Perhaps thatīs why I started a parallel education in Holistic reflexology about 30 years ago. This was another type of care taking, a more inward activity somehow. It brought me to try many other types of "therapies" like Reiki healing, Bachīs flowers, EFT, Rosen method and many more. All of them expanding my life in a way or another.
BUT, something was missing, I missed consciousness in many questions !! So for years I was asking for CONSCIOUSNESS without knowing what it really was. Weird I know.
Anyway about 4 years ago a friend of mine living i Geneve visited me and with enthusiasm told me about ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS !! I almost fell out of the chair !! That was what I was asking for !! God bless her and Access :):) . WOW I stared with Access Bars class immediately followed by the classes of Foundation, Level 1. Level 2&3 and it is still ongoing.
I became a Access Bars Facilitator, Body processes Facilitator, Access Energetic Face lift Facilitator.
Using Access tools every day have completely change the way I see myself and others, without any judgment about anything there is a freedom and choice - always choice !

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