Name: Michelle Mills NCBTMB approved CEU provider
Phone: 757-287-3653
Address: 1980 Salem Rd Ste3
Virginia Beach
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As a child I was naturally connected to grace and nature. Being first generation American of Portuguese parents, my attention was focused on work, religion and “growing up”, like many of us are. While seeking an alternative (Cranio Sacral therapy actually found me) to years of chronic back pain and autoimmune disease, I was reminded again of that connection I had as a child.

Being in the medical field for around 10 years, I learned how the mind plays a huge role in our physical health. After my second reiki attunement I became an Access Bars practitioner because I saw so much possibility for change. Just taking the class made such a difference in my life and I knew so many people that it could help give some choice too. I am a facilitator because I wish to share tools that can help us to connect with each other while we do our own healing. I want to grow a community where we support each other with our unique talents and abilities and ripple that love out to the world.

I’d love for you to stop by one of my intros or shares where you can find out more information and see or receive an Access Bars session and also get any questions answered. Please subscribe to my email list and I’ll keep you posted of future events and how you can come and take part in the shenanigans. I encourage you to take the Access Bars class where you’ll get and receive 2 sessions, leave with life changing tools and have your mind blown. It’s where I started and it has opened my life to choice where I did not feel I had any. I can even come to you and hosts can even get paid for sponsoring a class.

I am an incurable entrepreneur and own Mills Web Shop a S.W.a M. certified Web Design company. I dabble in real estate, farming and Freelance studentship. I am inspired by my 2 boys who remind me of the magic of love every day. They are why I do what I do. If you could use some re-shaping, balance and enhancement of your current reality please email or call.

I offer private Bars sessions in Virginia and North Carolina. To schedule your session please call 757-287-3653.

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