Name: Lauren Masters
Phone: 0418 814 415
Surrey Hills
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Have you always felt different? Like you didn't quite fit in? Have you spent your life trying to behave in ways so you would feel more acceptable to your family, friends, work colleagues? Yet you end up feeling like a fake, because you really don't know who You are any more? What if everything about you that you thought was a wrongness is really a rightness? Are you ready to start the journey of you?

Start with Access Bars and begin to learn to receive. Experience true relaxation. Undo points of view you may have about sex, money, creativity, healing, aging and more. Begin to release judgement of you.

Access Bars is such a gift in my life, every time I receive a Bars session I just feel my stress melts away, like I have space in my head again and my body loves it too. What could you create in your life if you had less stress and more ease and more fun?

In one day, learn a beautiful, gentle process that you can use to begin to change what you would like to change in your life. You may like to bring a friend, partner, child or colleague that you can practice with in the coming weeks, or just attend one of our regular Bars Swaps in a location close to you.

Call me if you have any questions, I'd love to answer anything about Bars or Access Consciousness.

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