Name: Virginia Rain
Phone: 206.227.9408
Address: 4217 Admiral Way S.W
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What if everything that you thought was wrong about you was actually right about you?

If you are thinking…. “Yeah … right… impossible! ... I wish! “…to the above question… I can sooooo relate.

Before I discovered Access, my life was fairly chaotic and sometimes I would become anxious or depressed. I tried everything to relieve myself, through meditation, therapy, prayer, and natural healing practices. While these offered temporary consolation, they didn't create the lasting change that I was searching for. Needless to say, when I first heard of Access Consciousness I was skeptical. After my first Bars session however, I experienced a great feeling of clarity and peace that could not be denied, and I immediately purchased a package of the Access Bars sessions. I have been committed to this program ever since.

Access Consciousness works.

Now that Access Consciousness tools are available to me, many miracles have occurred in every area of my life. A few examples of how this program has impacted my life are: more ease and closeness with my family, more friends, more playfulness, more money, and a healthier body.

Access Consciousness provides many different tools that have taught me how to get rid of limitations. I’m finally having fun and enjoying myself.

What if it was just a fantasy that you couldn't change everything that’s not working in your life?

Tired of creating your reality out of default from trauma and drama?

Would you like to create and generate a future that works for you?

Would you like to stop judging, punishing, blaming, and shaming yourself and get rid of your fears so you can allow more FUN, EASE, and SUCCESS into your life?

Yes YOU can retire your gerbil wheel and choose to create an unfathomable life that works for you! Together we can unlock your blocks so you can thrive instead of survive. All you have to do is invest in you … I dare ya!

I offer Access Consciousness Bars classes, entity clearings, verbal process sessions, Access Consciousness body work, and on-site entity clearings (are you having difficulty selling or renting a house?).

Please contact me if you don’t see classes scheduled and would like a class. You can also visit my website for more information.

Looking forward to working with you on your journey towards a better life!

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