Name: Miles Keever
Phone: 407.405.3598
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I have been interested in health & wellness from an early age, maybe because when I was very young my Dad would read to me from ‘Prevention Magazine’. This was his way, I guess, of story time. I soon began to study and gather health tips and remedies for common ailments. Without marketing myself (before social media), people began to see me as someone with useful health knowledge. I realized I had lived a very different childhood, somewhat unique. Not every kid drank carrot juice at age three, like myself.

Today, after 20+ years as a massage therapist and an Acupuncture Physician and Health & Life Facilitator, I continue to nourish my desire for optimal wellness.

I watched my clients change with acupuncture and structural massage, resolving headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, digestive disorders, etc. I also witnessed dynamic changes with clients having more serious disorders. Yet, I was looking for the tools, techniques, practices or whatever that could help myself and my clients ‘thrive’. I desired to live in the space beyond just maintaining health, dealing with aging and helping clients ‘get through the week’ routine. I was looking for something beyond what was believed to be possible in this reality, from survival to thrival.

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." Albert Einstein

This is my ‘New Frontier’. I am discovering the tools that I can utilize and create the change I desire. What if that difference is just a slight shift in perspective. What if asking generative questions and clearing energetic restrictions can change anything you can imagine! I offer a very different perspective in assisting my clients to create a living of wellness and discovering their dreams. Come play, discover and create a different reality for yourself.

What questions are you not asking, that if you were asking them could change every aspect of your living to more of what you desire?

With smiles, Miles

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