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Address: Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine
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I am so grateful that a friend made me aware of Access Consciousness® in 2011. She was told only, that it had something to do with, "ask, and you shall receive". I'll never forget how hearing these five words made me feel light, refreshed and encouraged. At that time I was not doing much asking or receiving. I typically came to conclusions, and spent a lot of time in judgment, of everything and especially myself. I had always resented the laborious approach to life I functioned from. I didn't realize I was choosing to make things difficult and that I could simply create more ease by asking questions rather than falling back on the same old thoughts, feelings, emotions and conclusions. When I combined asking questions with having my bars run a whole new world opened up for me. It certainly proved to be a better choice than the resentment I had chosen in the past. My life began working in ways that it never had worked before. The proof showed up as I began to play more and have fun!

At first, asking for what I wanted was so foreign to me I usually forgot to ask. Some days I was lucky to ask a couple of, "what else is possible" or "how does it get better than that" questions. That changed dramatically when I became aware that changes were taking place in my life in exactly the areas that I had asked questions. The changes never looked the way I expected them to. They always showed up more magical than I could have planned! And still do!

Using the Access Consciousness tools, having my bars run and doing the Access body processes as much as possible, has created a whole new joyous world for me. I travel more and am aware of more possibilities all the time. I ask hundreds of questions a day! Now I experience wild and crazy big shifts and changes that rock my world in the most delightful ways.

If you are looking for change in your life, call or email me and let’s see how we can contribute to one another. I wonder what it would take for you and I to create something new together with ease? Maybe some wild and crazy change that would make life a joy!

Here's To TheTool That Changed My Life, Asking Questions!

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With Gratitude,
Elle Ivy

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