Name: Deb Lewis-Hasenberg
Phone: 920-238-7414
Address: 1211 Rickmeyer Dr
Fond du Lac
United States
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Who can I be today that would make this my best day on the planet? Before Access Consciousness I would never have had that thought; now I ask this question of myself and others on a daily basis.
I prayed a prayer to be an instrument and I asked the Universe to show me, it took a couple of years and many dead end paths before I was led to open Good Vibrations Studio, a whole body vibrations studio. It will be a year in September since we opened our doors and while I have had many rewarding experiences empowering people to become more responsible for their health, I have had to let go of the things I believed I need to feel safe and secure.
In the process of following the dream I ended my marriage of 20 years, let go of my old well meaning friends, lost relationships with most of my family, invested my retirement savings in this business, and became painfully aware that every addiction I ever had to ease my pain no longer worked (such as, compulsive TV watching, shopping, eating, drinking and sleeping), Every escape route that I believed worked, became a door without a knob. Despite the fact that I believed in reincarnation and knew that ending my life was also only a temporary fix, suicide still came to mind as the best solution to be free of the seemingly endless fears of loss and failure.
This process felt like hell on earth, but is what it took for my ego to surrender and open me up to what else is possible. With nowhere left to run and nowhere to hide I was forced to use the tools of Access and the amazing power of the Bars. I donít want to imagine how this journey may have been delayed or detoured if I had not found Access when I did.
I was able to find the power of the Me that I truly BE. My greatest passion is to help others find the amazing and Infinite Being within themselves. This is just the beginning for all of us, imagine what we can create as we continue to destroy and uncreate all the lies that have kept us small, fear filled, limited victims. I invite you to share the journey, as we discover what else is possible and find freedom through the tools of Access and the Bars.

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