Name: Liam Phillips
Phone: 0481253120, or use skype to contact me liam.phillips69
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Access Consciousness literally saved my life!

I was dying and searching for tools and processes to heal my body when I bumped in to Access Consciousness. What if you cold have a different possibility that was fun and easy? Would you choose it?

After the BARS session and class I was able to receive more from the therapies, drugs and diets and I quickly built a communion with my body. At the beginning of that journey I never released how different this stuff really is as I had too many points of view to perceive that. But the marvelous thing was that the changes were so fast and easy as long as I used the tools and processes and did not come to answer or conclusion.

The BARS are a hands on the head process that can facilitate amazing change. The 32 BARS, gently touched dissipate the electrical charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, beliefs and judgements to allow change and possibility to occur. After a BARS session your body will have a sense of total relaxation and many notice their lives becoming easier.
Attending Access Bars Gifting & Receiving sessions is the first step to you having the willingness to receive in your life.

If you have not learned the Bars, you may attend and pay for the “receiving” fee only.

I love running Bars classes, please contact me for further information or set up an Access Consciousness Bars class in your area.

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