Name: Kriss Shellman
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Welcome to my page and to Access Consciousness, a whole new way of Being YOU in the world that allows you to experience more ease and joy in your life and change things that youíve always thought were unchangeable.

Are you ready to bust through the lies of this reality with something as simple as consciousness?

Iíve been a seeker on a healing journey my entire life, seeking answers and solutions to what I believed were the broken parts of myself. Sound familiar? I've studied metaphysics for over 40 years and explored many spiritual paths and healing modalities. There have been trainings, certification and workshops too numerous to list. And yet...I have received faster and easier results from Access Consciousness than anything I've done in the past 40 years!

Using the tools of Access Consciousness has completely changed the way I interact with the world. I still have challenges in my life, but I work with them in a whole new way. I truly feel joy and ease on a daily basis. All areas of my life have improved. and some don't even resemble what they once were.

Are you willing to revolutionize everything you be, know, perceive and receive?

How valuable would it be to you to have the tools and awareness to quiet the inner critic? Iíve spent my whole life cohabitating with an inner critic that has created doubt and fear about every decision or choice I made. Fear and doubt were permanently anchored in my head. Sound familiar?

Access has given me the tools to BE ME with all the JOY and KNOWING that I naturally BE. What an incredible feeling of freedom this is!

Do you know there is something more? What if you, being you is all it takes to change everything Ė your life, everyone around you and the world? So what does it take to truly be you? Would you be willing to try something completely different?

Access Bars is an energetic healing modality that facilitates a new level of awareness and possibility into your life. People all over the world are experiencing improvements with sleep issues, pain, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum issues, anxiety and so much more after receiving a BARS session.

For more information about scientific studies before and after Bars check out these videos:
Neuroscientist Jeffrey L. Fannin:
What the Body Knows and Shows:

Sign up for a Bars class and experience the possibilities for change. I have been teaching these classes for over 2 years and I love teaching the Bars and watching the changes people experience! At the end of the day you will have experienced a recalibration of magnitude. People leave with light hearts, happy bodies and the tools to create what they desire. How does it get better than that?

There are over 50 individual Therapeutic Body Processes in Access Consciousness besides Bars. I have experienced profound change and improvement in my body using one or more of these processes. Sometimes it only takes one session! I offer private Body Process sessions with clients and I also teach classes in individual Body Processes. What if receiving a Body Process is just what your Body has been waiting for?

I would love to help you learn how to change what you thought was unchangeable and to discover what else is possible in your life.

Contact me for a private Bars or Body Process session, attend an Access Taster event or enroll in one of my classes. I look forward to working with you. What else is possible?

What people are saying about Kriss' Classes:

"Kriss is an inspiration...a joy to be with and an excellent teacher.
I am grateful to have her on our side as we grow into our place in the stars."...Jeff W.

"I am so delighted with Kriss' presentation of Access Bars.
It is my second Bars class and I feel I learned more and had a deeper, more
meaningful experience.":...Christi R.

My Access Consciousness training includes but isn't limited to:
Access Bars - Over 20 times
Foundation & Level 1 - 4 times
Level 2 & 3
Choice of Possibilities
Three Day Body Process Class - 2 times
Numerous individual Body Process Classes
Talk to the Entities - Beginning & Intermediate
Right Relationship For You
Access Business 101

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