Name: Gail MacKenzie
Phone: 64(0)2102051350
New Zealand
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The first time I had my Bars run I was not at all sure what had happened but I felt such clarity and such peace I was very clear I wanted to do it again. And best of all what has stayed with me is a deep sense of joy in my life. It was there sporadically before but now itís here to stay. And thatís what I love about these tools, the effortless way they allow us to access that wellspring of joy in all of us.

I am also enjoying teaching these processes. The Bars classes are a real gift and it is wonderful to see how people respond to these powerful tools. During my life I have tried, experienced and sometimes taught many different kinds of healing and spiritual/consciousness raising activities. What I love about Access is the freedom and the possibilities that have opened up for me. I would love to facilitate you experiencing this too.

I am also very excited to add the Access Body Processes to my practice as well - including the Energetic Facelift. These processes are really powerful and a wonderful adjunct to The Bars.

You can find out more about me and what I offer on my website

I look forward to connecting with you!

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