Name: Henrika Tonder
Phone: +358 45 1522287
Address: Adjutantinkuja 3A5
02650 Espoo
Finland + WORLDWIDE !
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Iím an inspirational catalyst for change, a paradigm shifter and a visionary leader. Iím also a curious adventurer, passionate lover and a pragmatic dreamer.
I have a background in international business, corporate communication & branding. I co-explore happiness and limitless living with my french husband and our three magic boys.

Early experiences of life, birth, death, loss, pain, disease and natureís mysteries have brought me on the path of personal growth and holistic health and transformation. My wisdom gained the hard way have awakened me to the infinite possibilities and potency that lies within us. I am a catalyst of change with sharp awareness of energies and offer a safe, caring and non judgmental space to people who truly desire change and new possibilities in their lives.

Iíve been called to take responsibility of my life through awareness of my body and have healed myself holistically from invalidating auto-immune diseases by tenaciously choosing beyond the expectations of this reality. My knowing of something greater, courageous and relentless exploration of new possibilities combined with my amazing willingness to change and capacity to receive, have lead me to the space of being me, in oneness with everything.

Through passionately observing this reality, dynamically questioning everything and curiously exploring myself and others I have reconnected with my knowing, gained clarity, accessed my awareness. My mission is to empower you to claim the leadership of your life, to facilitate you to let go of limitations holding you back from truly being you and to awaken you to infinite possibilities of happiness and orgasmic living !
My guidance and facilitation is intense, playful, life changing, energizing, caring and sharp.

Besides from mentoring and facilitating through private sessions in Finland and remotely worldwide, I am speaking and giving classes about holistic transformation and limitless living. I graduated from an international business school, have worked as an international buyer in Asia, North Africa and USA and in corporate communication & branding in France. I am a certified Barsô facilitator, coach in consciousness, yoga teacher and have taken classes worldwide in consciousness, energy transformation, naturopathy, holistic wellbeing, shamanism and self development. My intense body, three aware sons and eleven years of marriage with my best friend have been my biggest challenges, demanding teachers and biggest sources of joy in my life. I have learned my most precious lessons from life itself and through everyone who have crossed my journey.
I have extra super immense gratitude for Dain Heer and Gary Douglas for their very being and for tenaciously sharing the transformative tools of Access Consciousness all over the world.

Let's choose greatness, are you ready ?

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