Name: Cassy Summers
Phone: 250-864-6994
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The first time I held an Access BarsŪ class I knew that I had unlocked something enormous for myself. This capacity to facilitate and be with people without judgment was something I had never acknowledged or valued. When I could see with my own eyes the transformations taking place I could no longer deny this gift and the absolute gift that Access BarsŪ are. The BarsŪ have the ability to change anything with such ease and kindness.

During a full day workshop you receive two full BarsŪ sessions while having the immense energetic and verbal contributions from the other participants and your facilitator. That in itself is a gift of change and possibility! You also have the joy of gifting two full sessions of BarsŪ. Is that exciting or scary for you? Each time you run the BarsŪ and receive the BarsŪ limitations crumble and possibilities become available that were never there before.

Would you be willing to know that about you?

Are you ready to learn this dynamic body process? Are you ready for change in your life? How much fun can we generate and create together!?

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