Name: Michael Barranco
Phone: 719-645-5878
Colorado Springs
United States
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Hello Beautifuls!

How did I get so lucky for you coming to check out my page!?

My name is Michael Barranco and I am currently a Certified Bars Facilitator with Access Consciousness and a Global Empowerment Coach all about empowering you to changing and creating the life you would like to live! I have been facilitating people using dynamic yet simple set of tools and processes to changing any area of their life, whether that be their relationships, their body, their money flows, or just getting and staying happy! Now before I go any further please know I do not have the answers for you, only the questions that will allow you to change and create anything you would like, and receive the possibilities that would like to show up to you.

Now I have a confession to make..I am a seeker. I have been seeking my whole life for the happiness, the things that work and make life worth living. And before 3 years ago I was at the point where I did not see the value to be alive anymore. I did whatever I could to escape this reality just like the next person, using drugs, alcohol, etc.

I grew up in a church environment, moved a lot and visited a lot of different churches. I was taught church was the way to go, but to where?? A happy life? A blessed life? A blessed, happy afterlife?? Either way it really wasn't working the way everyone was saying it should, so I just thought I wasn't doing it right (interesting point of view I had) and I needed to jump in and give it my all. So right after I graduated high school I went into a bible college. And that my friend, is where I learned to start asking questions.

I started to ask is there anything else beyond Christianity, Religion, God? I played with other metaphysical modalities but nothing was really…well working. I remember saying, “If there is anyone or anything out there, I cannot keep living like this. I need this all this to change NOW, or I am out of here!”

Probably no more than 3-4 weeks later, I hear my dad talking about this thing called “Access Consciousness.” He told me he was going to check out this class they had coming up, and with the stuff coming out of his mouth I was thinking that he must have been getting as desperate as I was. He asked me, “Would you be willing to find out who you truly be…?”, and I said, “Be…what? Be-come?” It kind of left me hanging, and then he said jokingly, “It’ll only cost $200.”

It was a $200 one day class called Access Bars™. It’s basically where they touch different points on your head, and it supposedly could change your life. And in my head I thought, "No way in hell would I spend that kind of money for a one day class", especially if I didn't know if it was going to work. But as the days went on I kept thinking about that night and that question, “Would you be willing to find out who you truly be?” It kept bugging me, the class was coming up in two weeks and then I thought, “What the hell, what do I have to lose? Besides $200.” I wasn't planning on sticking around much longer anyways and if life could get better then I would be willing to give it one more shot, even if it was one of those “too good to be true” deals. I mean, if one of those deals actually came out to be legit would you be willing to have that be a part of your reality? Or would you just ignore it because it was way too easy?

Deep down inside of me I always hoped that there would be something greater, more fun and even magical than what I grew up with. Then lo and behold the possibilities started showing up, all because of a question.

So after the Access Bars™ class, I recall sitting up and thinking…well actually there was no ‘thinking’, no mind chatter, and everything I was worried about did not exist anymore. It was just space and peace in my being. And that moment I stopped living to die, and started living to live.

So my friends if this sounds like a possibility you would like to explore I would love to hear from you. Feel free to sign up for a class, shoot me an email or give me a call anytime. I love being and sharing this gift and possibility with the world.

With Much Gratitude for You!
Michael Barranco

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