Name: Tarra Christoff
Phone: 415-335-1604
Address: 19 Buckeye Circle PO Box 852
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Welcome! When in Ubud, Bali, I was blessed to receive a life-changing BARS session. As I stepped out of the spa, I experienced a lightness of being, and knew I would become a facilitator. It was blissful!

I asked myself an Access question: How does it get any better than this?

I returned to my home in the San Francisco Bay Area and completed my first BARS training. I also dived into the Access Tools and started to use them in my life and with my career coaching clients. Like magic, I started to receive more money, joy and expansion in my life & so did those with whom I shared these tools with.

A month after my Access BARS training, I noticed that my self-love began to deepen. Access created a space where I was no longer living in judgment, or limitation. I attracted a man who I am now happily married to and my work began to expand in new ways.

It was also at this time that I co-created the Marry Yourself Telesummit. The intention was to help participants connect to their self-love, self-care, and honoring their souls’ calling. 3,000 women and conscious men around the globe signed up, and we had our first Marry Yourself retreat in Northern California.

More recently, I was thrilled to interview Dr. Dain on the theme of “Accessing Your Self-Love.” As my gift to you, here’s the interview. We cover some life-changing topics including: how to not divorce yourself, ending self-judgment, and being the contribution that you are meant to be in the world (imagine who and what you’ll attract from that energy!).

Access tools are all about generating an amazing life and living in possibility. A BARS session involves light touch upon your head to contact points that correspond to different aspects of your life. There are points for joy, creativity, hopes & dreams, sadness, creating new life forms, peace, communication, and even money. Receiving a BARS session is wonderful and relaxing way to create lasting change in your life. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a private session.

Interested in taking a BARS class? I require a group of 6 and will travel to you if you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also can hold your class in West Marin County if you can join me here!

With enthusiasm for you,


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