Name: Sarah Vadnais
Phone: 612.817.2407
St. Michael
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Will travel for classes!!!! :) If we build it, I will come.

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Several years ago, I was introduced to a new possibility....Access Consciousness. This set of tools, questions and processes changed my life beyond what I could ever imagine.

My life wasn't horrible. There were things about my life that weren't great and I just thought that was how life was. Boy, was I way off the mark. I was living in a box that I didn't even know I'd crawled into. Then I met Gary and Dain and a whole new world of possibilities!

Now I know what it means to be ME.

What would you like to choose for yourself?! Are you willing to let go of pain, trauma, drama and difficulty?
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What else is possible for you?
I am available for private sessions, Access Bars classes, Body Process classes and am happy to travel for groups who would like a class. Have questions?? Ask! I am happy to answer questions.

How much fun can we have together?!

After my first introduction to Access, my horse was experiencing lameness, so I thought What the heck?! Can't hurt to try it out. So I headed to the barn with my clearing statement in hand & just said it over and over. I had no clue what I was doing....or did I? Within an hour, he galloped out to his pasture mates! That was a key turning point for me....if this stuff works when you don't "know" what you are doing, what else is possible??

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