Name: Fiona Dempster
Phone: 415-290-2185 cell is best! :)
Address: the Hawaiian Islands!
Kamuela (Waimea)
Hawaii Big Island 96743
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It all begins with the Bars®!

If you're not relaxing, you can't receive the star and the MAGIC YOU ARE!

The Bars® is a dynamic, hands on relaxation technique that can change any area of your life. Many have discovered better sleep, better sex, ease in daily life, and a few who were at their wits end have found a new joy in life and living!

If you were truly relaxed, what could show up in your life?!

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 21/May/2017 Waimea/Kamuela, Hawaii Fiona Dempster  & 
Jill Woods