Name: Helga E. Pérez, LPCC
Phone: 505.280.1877
Address: Living Waters Institute &
Community Counseling Center 11 Calle Medico, Suite 4
Santa Fe
New Mexico
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Jan. 5, 2013 : Santa Fe, NM : It's a very cold snowy winter. I feel weak, low energy, depressed, bored . . . I'm recovering from major surgery, & reached a plateau. I'm desperately searching for anything, anything that will help me move forward. . . have been on the transformational path for over 10 years, explored so many different modalities & traditions. . . & yet, none of that is helping. I feel stuck. I need something else!
Jan. 14, 2013: : I tune in to Lisa Garr's The Aware Show & drawn to listen to someone I've never heard before: Dr. Dain Heer from Access Consciousness. After the interview, I know THIS is what I'd been looking for. I buy the telecall package, & KNOW in every cell of my being this will help me get out of my stuckness. . . lead me to the change I've been asking for.
Three years later, I continue to listen, read & explore more & more of the pragmatic tools Access has to offer. Most importantly, I've learned that no matter what shows up in my life. . . I ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. And that, choice creates awareness not the other way around. So if I'm not happy with what I've chosen, I can choose something else. This seemingly simple idea has created a lot of SPACE in my life, & allowed me to discover what works for ME. . . What else is possible? ;)

I am a licensed clinical counselor (LPCC) working with children, teens, adults, families & couples. I use an integrative approach drawing on different modalities to support, assist & guide my clients towards deeper self awareness, & creating the lives they would like to live. I use Access tools daily, & love them for their simplicity, depth, potency & accessibility.

If you are considering taking a BARS class, it could be an amazing choice for you. To help you choose . . .
Ask yourself: What would my life be in 5 years, if I take this class?
* Feel the energy that that brings up in your space, consciousness & body.
* If it is LIGHT, expansive, open, gives you more breath, space . . . then class will be a contribution to you.
* If it is HEAVY, yucky, constricted, makes it hard to breathe. . . then class will not contribute to you at this time.
You can use this question to help you make any decision in your life. The choice that makes you feel LIGHT is what would contribute to YOU. It may also change every 10 seconds, so keep asking. And whether you choose to take a Bars class now, or later, if you choose to use Access tools, things in your life WILL start to change.

To begin your journey, there are many free resources that will help you, including internet radio shows. As you listen, you'll start to destroy those limitations that have always held you back, & start creating the life you've always desired for yourself (or even better than you never imagined!) :) It's YOUR choice!

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