Name: Jennifer Cramer Lewis
Phone: 6047282405
Address: Canada and Global
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Jennifer Cramer Lewis is a professional speaker, coach and Certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator, Founder of Brilliance Blueprint and the creator of popular programs like Soulmate Blueprint, Freedom Blueprint and Wealth Blueprint.

Jennifer is the go-to facilitator when something is disconnected in your life and impacting your business. Using an exclusive combination of Access Consciousness facilitation and energetic alignment, this funny lady will have your business and body laughing all the way to the bank.

Jennifer's coaching clients have cured life threatening illnesses, dumped chronic body pain, repaired broken homes, left abusive ones, met their dream partner and fallen in love all while growing their businesses and dropping all their barriers to making more money than they ever thought possible.

Jennifer loves to help her clients put an end to putting themselves last.

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