Name: Diane Ho-Lung
Phone: 416.728.8573
Address: 63 Forbes Crescent
Markham (Toronto)
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Diane Ho Lung is an Access Consciousness Bars® and Energetic Facelift Facilitator. She provides Clarity Coaching, Access Body Processes and Symphony Sessions, inviting awareness and change for her clients through empowering and thoughtful questions, creative insights and the dynamic tools of Access.

Diane points out subtle nuances so choices can be opened up, stuck energies cleared and actions taken that invite more for the future. Her clients say that in her gentle, light-hearted manner, she ‘takes away stress’ and restores a sense of optimism and ease. They love her streams of ideas as she connects to possibilities and scenarios.

In addition to Access, Diane uses modalities such as Matrix Energetics, Holodynamics, EFT, Quantum Touch and The Reconnection. With her sister Michele, she offers playful “Double Sparkle” sessions where their complementary energies harmonize beautifully. She enjoys camping, travel and good food shared with family and friends. Diane and her husband live with their son in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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