Name: Mary Case
Phone: 519 671 6480
Address: 474 Victoria St.
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My interest in Access Consciousness began when I was recovering from a motor vehicle accident. At the time, I had many roles, including “being” a professional violinist, a school music teacher, a mom. a wife and a triathlete. I heard about the “Bars” and because I was not able to play the violin or train in my sport due to injury, I chose to take the class.
Prior to Access, I had worked with many different modalities. I had studied yoga and meditation, and was always taking courses of some kind, in a search of a sense of peace and ease.
The Bars class changed my life. Since then I have learned to live in the question, I have greater ease in all areas of my life, I have been able to return to professional playing, I choose to create dynamic relationships that nourish me and I discovered and acknowledged my gifts as a healer and teacher.
As a creator of magnitude, I now find myself teaching Bars and Body Process classes and I delight in seeing the changes that these classes create in others. I completed my Certified Facilitators Training in Italy in 2016 and it changed my world.
In my classes and sessions I have a soft spot for working with XMEN (special talents and abilities...autisim/adhd/ocd) ) as well as athletes and musicians and I am excited to be creating a telecall for Educators In the New Year. ( What do "You" know that no one has ever educated you on? )

I look forward to meeting you.
Mary Case

Access Consciousness classes taken:
Bars/Global Bars
Foundation/Level 1
Choice of Possibilities three day class with Gary Douglas
Three Day Body Class
Advanced Body Class with Gary Douglas
Seven Days to change your Life (Costa Rica 2014)
Symphony of Possibility with Dain Heer
Right Voice for you with Blossom Benedict
Camera Ready and totally Present with Blossom Benedict and Stephanie Richardson
Xmen : Disabilities or Abilites? with Diva Diaz, C.F.M.W.

Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift Facilitator
Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator
Certified Facilitator CF
Life Coach

Elementary School Teacher
Member of the Canadian Masters Triathlon Team.

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