Name: Kim Malama Lucien
Phone: 213.713.0888 or 808.214.2964
Maui, California & The World!
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Iíve always been a seeker, a questioner; for as long as I can remember, Iíve always known there is something different, something more, that something else is possible; always known that possibilities are greater than most people dare imagine. I can see the magic in life and living everywhere. Iím pretty sure that made my parents crazy when I was a child! Sadly, as happens to the majority of us, I began to lose that questioning, to abandon my knowing and began believing that magic wasnít real and made it into fantasy. I became subject to the conditioning employed to make me fit into this reality. I decided it was more important to make everyone else happy and comfortable than me; that being different was unacceptable. Slowly but surely I began to fold and squish myself up to fit into a teeny, tiny little box, in an attempt to fit in and make my parents and everyone else more Ďrightí than me.

I am lucky that even though I divorced myself from the real me, I still created a pretty great life and career. Over 20 years ago, I discovered my ability to assist others in realizing their gifts and highest potential as a sports teacher and athletic coach for young children. In those days I focused primarily on my studentsí physical performance and later found they excelled when I inspired them on a body, mind, and spiritual levels.

During college I shifted focus from athletics and performance to what I considered a more pragmatic choice and earned a Business Administration degree with specializations in Accounting, Finance and International Business. It was a practical choice for me at the time, a safe one that made lots of other people happy. Even though I would have chosen differently if I was only choosing for me, the choice has served me very well, as I have built an entirely respectable and successful career in the finance world, consulting for multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations in the entertainment, technology and manufacturing fields. I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I have gained in my finance consulting career, it provides we with a unique perspective and skill set that many others do not possess. So you see, almost 20 years later, I donít have a lot to complain about, especially by the current realityís standards. However, there was still that thing, lurking underneath, in the background, that niggling energy I just couldnít put out of my awareness. I was still asking questions, still on that personal quest, still knew there was more, that I could be more, create more than anyone else could imagine, that magic is real and available to if we choose it.

And so, I finally brought the questions Iíd been secretly asking, pretending not to ask, to the front of my awareness, no longer keeping them buried underneath trying to hide them. Iíve studied various healing and personal growth modalities from Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to more spiritual energy based healing having been trained extensively in the Hawaiian Healing arts, obtaining a Master certificate in multiple Hawaiian healing modalities. While I found all of these modalities interesting, fascinating in some cases, they didnít really provide me the tools to create the expansive change I was looking for, that I knew was possible.

Still searching, I continued asking. What was true for me? What is really possible? In my life? In this reality? In this universe? What can I create? What would I like my life to look like? Who would I like to be? Who would I be today if I was creating myself based on not my past, my parents, my family, etc.?

I am so grateful I kept asking, kept looking. These questions eventually led me to find Access Consciousness. It started simply with my first bars class and Iíve been creating and changing at warp speed ever since. Finally Iíve found the tools that I can use. Tools that actually work! Tools to create the life I desire, the life I know is possible, my reality, beyond this reality. How does it get any better than that?

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