Name: Alison Cox
Phone: 720-441-3338
Address: Available Worldwide
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Alison Cox is a Certified Access Consciousness ™ Facilitator, Talk the the Entities ™ Facilitator, Massage Therapist extraordinaire and Founder and Creator of Alivio Massage Therapy in Denver, Colorado

Classes Offered:

- Access Bars®
- The New Foundation
- Talk To The Entities™ Intro and A Whole New World
- Body Processes
- Various Group Sessions, Online/Phone Classes, Specialty Classes

Sessions Offered:

- Verbal Facilitation Session - On Location or Distance
- Full and Half VIP Days - On Location or Distance
- Acoustic Massage - On Location Only
(An Intuitive blend of Deep Tissue, myofascial release/structural integration (like Rolphing), neuromuscular therapy, symphony session, entity clearing, entity and/or team enhanced communion, communion with earth, and energetic clearings aloud or silently with the being and body)
- Symphony Session/SOP Session - On Location or Distance
- Body Processes - On Location
- Access Bars® - On Location
- Entity House Clearing (House, Building, Land) - On Location or Distance

Classes Under My Belt:

Access Bars*
The New Foundation*
3 Day Body Process Class*
Advanced Body Process Class
The Abuse Hold Class
Talk To The Entities Beginning, Intermediate, Beyond, Facilitator*
The Joy Of Businesses 101,102*
Right Body For You 2.5 Day workshop*
Right Body For You Taster Facilitators
9 Trannies
The Home of infinite Possibilities
Access Consciousness® Facilitator Training*
The Earth Class
Conscious Horse Conscious Rider*
ESSE (Horses and People)
Many Telecalls with Gary & Dain

*Multiple Attendances

New classes are being scheduled all the time! If you don't see a date or location that works for you, please, do not hesitate to ask when the next class will be or if it's possible to schedule a class in your location.

How does it get any better than that?! :)

Class Date Location Facilitator
Access Bars® 28/Apr/2017 Toronto, Ontario Alison Cox  & 
John Wheeler, CFMW