Name: Tara Taglienti
Phone: 954-815-1755
Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, NYC, Hartford, Boulder, Denver
USA & World Wide
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Since a very young age, Tara knew she was different. She has talents and abilities to see things about people on an energetic level.

For a long time, Tara never spoke of these abilities, worried that people would judge her, or think she was weird. A lot of what she and others thought was anxiety or depression, was the stuffing of these abilities.

Highly sensitive and perceptive, she was acutely aware she did not fit in anywhere. None of the status quo systems made any sense to her either. Tara has always known that something else has got to be possible.

She first began to explore energetics through martial arts. In the same year, she was mentored by a Reiki Master and became a Reiki II practitioner.

After over 10 years of Reiki, transformational leadership courses, coaching many people in their lives, and learning MANY other modalities, she came across Access Consciousness. Until then, NONE of the Previous work had even come close to the amount of Change and the Speed of that change... as Access.

Now, as an Access Consciousness Bars™ Facilitator, Tara facilitates Bars™ classes, Body Process Classes and Specialty Taster classes. She also does body work and verbal processing sessions on a one to one basis. She empowers people to rediscover their truth and be at the source of their own personal power.

"I believe we all have a magic inside of us, when we tap into it, and when we are willing to be it, anything is possible... and that is only one reason why I facilitate this work", says Tara

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