Name: Maruta Meering
Phone: 780-233-4862
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K - let's just spill the beans and acknowledge that we're in disguise!
The normal, average and 'real' life the media, business, and our family is telling SHOULD make us happy... is a poopy diaper lie.

Would you be willing to acknowledge that you are a CATALYST for changing the world....And perhaps you are a good pretender at denying this...or are you ready to throw away the tricycle youíve been riding through life and have FUN and POSSIBILITIES SHOW UP? :))


"Risk is the lie that you don't know how things are going to turn out."
...Would you allow THAT Gary Douglas quote to melt the surety of your life?

Growing up, I totally bought into fate, karma, good deeds, helping people who weren't interested in helping themselves, and getting caught up in the traumas/dramas of my family, friends, work, and the world....blah blah blah...Does your life script sound similar?

Appreciatively, I woke up a few years ago and demanded change from my familiar, cardboard box life. And Ė I met many famous and unfamous people who told me I had to believe what they said, buy their system and techniques, and become a follower for the rest of my life.
- - - bluntly said --- that pissed me off!

I wasn't interested in mimicking, hoping, trying, efforting, and settling for ..... more drama and disappointment ....camouflaged with pretty pictures, fuzzy warm hugs, and fantasy... (know what I mean?)

Zazing!!Dynamic Supersonic Change!!Sensuality with my Body!!Fun and Phenomenal Choices!!Quantum Physics Theory...Actualised!!Relationships Reborn!!

There are lots of words I could type... and what if you just chose a class... just for YOU...just for FUN....and were willing to discover you're far more amazing, talented and joyful than you give yourself credit for being?

Do you feel a bit tingly with excitement?
Letís play :*)

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