Name: Felix & Judith Mueller
Phone: 2507691258
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As long as I can remember, my priorities in life were to become more conscious and more aware.
I did that through many techniques, modalities, teachings which I learned, taught, facilitated and used in many different roles as teacher, social worker, father, healer and so on.

One day I was listening to a radio show where questions were asked, by the moderator, that caught my attention. I noticed that the questions were pointing directly at areas where the energy in and around the person being asked was denser and more solid than in other places. As an effect of these questions the denser energies seemed to lighten up and rose to the surface which allowed the participants to get an awareness of what they were doing and where they were functioning from. It created a possibility for a different choice and therefore potential change.

I was fascinated and curious and wanted to know more about Access. It seemed so known and familiar yet I had never seen or heard our reality being observed and described from such clarity and consciousness and then translated into words and utilized with such simple applicable tools that everybody can use to change everything they wish and choose to.

Once more my life has changed and is changing. In the past I was looking for answers and solutions to all those problems in my life and other people's lives. Today I am an Certified Access Facilitator amongst other things, living in question, creating a life that works for me, and constantly choosing what creates the greatest possibilities for everything involved. I am still wondering about life and what else is possible for the planet, the world and all of us.

I love to show people how to use these access tools, to encourage them to ask questions and empower them to trust their knowing to transform reality into their own reality and most of all I love it when people start to realize that they are not wrong, never were and never will be. We all are just uniquely different as part of the one consciousness in action.

How does it get any better than that and what else can we create together from this space?


"Access changed my life" many times did I hear that in the beginning and wonder what everyone meant.
The Access tools showed me how to be more of me; how to acknowledge me and how to see the awesomeness that I am. I learned to choose the life that works for me and not the life that limits me. I have chosen to acknowledge my capacities and work with me to create more joy in my life.

I now spend my time in my painting studio, in my fiber studio, in my dye studio, in my access studio and in my business studio. Every day I ask myself what shall I choose to create today and I marvel at the choices I've allowed myself. I also rejoice in the joy that those choices bring me. I no longer make myself wrong that I spend 15 minutes on my painting, then 10 minutes on my knitting, then 1/2 an hour on my computer, or 20 minutes reading emails and then back again to my art. I love it and it make me happy.

I teach Bars and Foundation classes together with Felix. I also do private one on one or group session, please contact me if I could contribute to your life

Now, I too belong to those that say Access changed my does it get any better than that?

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