Name: Kerstin Reithmayr
Phone: +61477549230
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When I was a little kid, I loved to stay in my room creating my own reality. Rather being with others, specially with adults, I was playing with my non-visible friends and loved to escape into my own world.

That worked really well for me until a certain age. I became aware, that being different, being light, being a happy shiny person and looking at the world with ease is not very welcome on planet earth and I was made wrong for exactly being that.
So it didn’t take me long to start buying into all the lies of this reality and other people and also began to judge myself, to doubt my awareness and my inner knowing and to feel wrong all the time.

But there is one thing I never gave up. The knowing that there is so much MORE possible, the constantly seeking to access that and the willingness to confront my 'inner demons'.

My occasional breakdowns, having no clue of what my life is all about and the feeling of being wrong lessen more and more and stopped completely when I came across Access Consciousness®, which was one of the most amazing gifts in my life.

I finally began to connect to my inner knowing and listen to my body, looked at what is actually true for me, stopped buying other peoples beliefs and finally started to create my life.

What showed up in the last years goes beyond what I have ever imagined and I wonder every day: what else is possible?

I started to embrace the light and joyful being I truly am and stopped to let my mind and other people’s points of view dictate and limit my life anymore.
It was and is a journey. A super duper amazing journey!! And it’s definitely not always comfortable. But let me tell you one thing: When you are getting more of YOU… it’s really worth the journey!

And I’m really happy and excited to be a part of your journey and to help you to a happy and easy way of living.

As a nutritionist I also started to work with the Access Consciousness® tools in my consultations and what showed up in these sessions goes beyond I could imagine.

If you wanna know more on this topic, just contact me.

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