Name: Tulika Singh
Phone: +919999979493
Address: 1804, Sector 29, Brahmaputra Apartments
New Delhi / Noida / Gurgaon/ Mumbai / New Bombay / Dubai / Worldwide
New Delhi/UP
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Once upon a time 'Miss Goody Two Shoes' realised that she had never spoilt her shoes and her shoes were too flat and boring! She had been a model kid, a model student, a model daughter, then a model employee, she even tried being model partner but didn't do too well. When she didn't turn out so 'model' after all she began asking a few questions, what was she doing here, where was she headed, what did she want out of life and was that all there was to life????? Eat, sleep, work, repeat???

One fine day, it seemed her questions were finally going to get answered when she met a very kind caring and sweet man who had white hair and a white beard! He spoke of the magic of possibilities, he spoke of being and creating things beyond what anyone thought was possible, he spoke of generosity and kindness in a way no one ever had before yet he didn't give her any answers but gave her even more questions to ask !

What ?? Questions to the questions? "What rubbish", she said! "I'm sure the sweet old white beard man is loosing his plot, must be age catching up" she sighed! How can questions empower us?? How can questions lead possibilities?? How can asking questions actually be the answer to creating more money, more joy and abundance in life? Yet it seemed to make sense in a weird way she couldn't explain.. COULDN'T EXPLAIN??? There is nothing she hadn't been able to not explain anything ever, there was always a justifiable explanation, reason, logic for everything! Up till now, why did she go to 'Taste Access' maybe she got the crazy virus too? Soon enough nothing made sense and everything got easier, life got happier, having fun didn't mean meet friends for food and alcohol, the business she wanted to start forever, became a reality, travelling all over the world all the time became completely natural and she keeps adding more to her life everyday!

Well its then she realised, that asking a question opens up more possibilities, while concluding about an answer leaves you only with that - the conclusion. Now when she asks "How does it get better than this and what else is possible?"
Guess what its gets better and more and more gets possible!!!!!

Wanna have more fun than you ever imagined possible? You are on the just the page! :D

'Princess Tulika'


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