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Aysun Kaçtıoğlu was born in 1972 in Peine, Germany. After spending her childhood in Germany, she returned to Turkey with her parents and opened a new chapter in her life. She completed her education according to the truths and knowledge of those years. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics. Thinking she was doing something good, she then obtained a Master’s degree in Management to step into the world of professional life later, but without having any idea what that was.

Swissotel The Bosphorus was her first love. Fortunately, her first gift from her professional, or real life, was her first professor. She put in her hand a list of all the basic assets, plus the additional ones, she would need to exist in this world (the business world). Whenever she was down, stressed out, she somehow found a way to shake it off and come out if it. When she got a little older, she realized that this list was a treasure and if she didn’t work on it, she wouldn’t be able to be herself in a healthy mindset. Use your brain, work hard, never give up, and never ignore the system, try to do your best at your job, make a difference, as an intelligent person chose people who can be role models for you and observe, don’t do what they are doing immediately but first asses it in a logical way, and for every difference you make, reward yourself… and the list went on. But the last items on the list were about the purpose of life, and she only understood it years and yearssss later. Never give up on being yourself, always go back to the values that define you as yourself, if you want it, you can change everything in your life, but I hope you will choose to be the person you were when I met you. Cheerful, focused on solutions, always able to see life from the bright side…. There are other items on the list, but I won’t reveal them as it would be considered as advertisement…

For Aysun, the next scene in her professional life was set in London… She needed to fly away, just like a bird. She said to herself, let’s see what other places have… She worked in the television for 3 years. London was a cold city, with her own fiber, a personality in her wind, she had a posture… a posture always aware of “what she was”. It’s such a posture, that the more you want to get away from her, the more she pulls you back. A posture combining a shameless freedom and solitude. Only later would she realize that she fell in love with her. Those late realizations are giving a momentum to one’s life, and a very full one indeed. And when you realize it, you say to yourself “I wish I understood this way back then”; but way back then wouldn’t have been that full and precious. Easy then…

To keep her company during those lonely times she started dancing. Well, as far as she can remember this poor soul was always killing herself dancing and trying to do some choreography in night clubs while others were trying to get a date… Those were the moments when she truly felt present, free and herself… She realized that she felt much freer after dancing. Her soul was traveling to some places and then was coming back to her. That was another kind of travel and somehow it continues to be still present throughout her life.

After she returned to Turkey she had bosses who differently, would put a mark on her life. And that was a chance in her life. In order to create that chance, she also paid attention to do everything that was needed. Her first boss was the CEO of an American Investment bank. She was the extremely bright and powerful daughter of a wealthy family from Kayseri. She had studied hard at Harvard, and had written The book of money and economics with her own vision. Aysun, she also learned a lot, the most important ones being projection and research. Whatever it is you are looking at in life, whatever the dimensions of the picture you want to paint is, you should be able to project it. And you have to make a very sound research about it.

Her next boss, pelted Aysun’s point of view in life, the meaning of being alive and its own meaning itself. She didn’t stop at it, she also taught her how to take someone’s real picture (meaning a character analysis), that almost “everything” in life is management of perception, and with the condition of being not being empty- making a difference. And that if you don’t have a strategy there won’t neither be a success. Today, she is still the greatest Strategist and brand creator that she knows. And most of what Aysun knows today, does come from him.
After this stop, this pelting shook Aysun’s internal balance and made her star questioning. She started to look at herself. And whatever she was doing, she just didn’t feel satisfied. The feeling that made her feel the task she was doing for years now, was not worthy of her and that she always deserved more, started to make it difficult for her to breath. To escape this feeling, a second master’s degree came to her rescue, or that’s what she thought at that moment. Or, was it more like this; she was just about to become aware of “what was going on” but she got scared, she postponed it, and didn’t want to see it.

Her next stop was going to open the second chapter in Aysun’s life, and from where her completely different journey would begin. The same year she started to work there, her company became the biggest in Turkey. Her boss also had just joined the company himself, coming from a very fancy world league company. “Aha!” said Aysun to herself, this is a company and a boss where my career can take-off. Whatever that taking-off actually meant?
It was indeed a first in the history of the company that a project she realized from her position, received an award for “Making a difference”. She didn’t know it then, but when she got the opportunity to meet and work with a Coach during this project, she already had a run in the stockings of her life… And the award she received seemed to open the door she was waiting for… In so big companies it was very easy, but at the same time very difficult to take-off, to change positions, to say “I want this”. It depended on people, situations, balances and many more “all sorts” of things. From her little chair, she accomplished unbelievable things, but somehow nobody noticed. And when not, she kept putting the bar for success even higher. Meanwhile because the stockings of life were running, she just kept fixing them. When she realized that this couldn’t go on like this, she just said to herself; let me get a coaching training myself, maybe it will help heal my wounds. Instead of healing my wounds, I got more scars and bruises in short time. Face this, make amends with that, be aware of everything, increase your awareness, allow for an inner journey; and what came out of it was that I had an entirely different Aysun within Aysun. At the beginning, both of them ignored each other; they even pretended not to know each other at all. Then, the old Aysun began to be vocal, do you really think it’s that easy to let it steal the show to a big life and allow it to claim the spotlight? Of course, they stated to kick, to fight and to argue. But then came the judgment day; they both put their hats on and agreed on the following: indeed, this is an all new and amazing journey, and it will not be easy at all; whatever happens we will stick to each other, we will always be honest, we are always going to try, and we will continue while we make amends, we are going to shake hands on our decisions, on things that have to be we will say “agreed!”, to things that come “hello”, and to things to go a heartfelt “goodbye” we will say.

After the judgment day, the days that followed were more meaningful and all pumped up. A lot of things were new, she was trying to get used to them. She first said goodbye to her marriage, the new Asyun had a new purpose of life. First, she would find what she wanted from life, and then she would look at everything that the latter required. Of course, the first bell she rang was her beautiful mother and father’s door. She told them things she was never been able to tell them before (I love you so much, I am so glad you are my mother and father), she did things she was never able to do (she hug them tight and didn’t let go, kissed them until they got tired). Finally, she told them “I made amends with everything you said, you did, they all had a purpose, I understand. But if you give way, if you allow, we will now have a completely different relationship”. They felt their tiny hearts wrench, too; this was an unknown feeling to them, words unheard of…. Together, they cried… In fact, they too wanted to say, to do; but they didn’t know that they did… Crying, laughing, thinking, sleeping, praying and unsolvable heart-wrenches, that’s what the new days were made of. Yet, she had stepped into the life she wanted, but something she really wanted was still missing. She wasn’t able to see the light. Days passed and life gave her a chance to find it. She no longer wanted to be in a picture where she was looking for a leap, but a job she would do with love. And she did win her free life she needed for that.

Her days were sometimes meaningful, sometimes meaningless, sometimes complete, and sometimes hollow. She was very happy, yet she didn’t know why or she didn’t want to know. After spending a few months like this, she wished she had a job she would “love to do”. First, she prayed, then she really wished hard, and later she spent weeks brainstorming. And what did she see, depression was at her door step, waiting to storm in?

As usual, it was her Little Precious Lamb she called “little brother” that paved the way for her. He said “I met someone the other day, who told me about a teaching like coaching or something, but I think this is the purpose of your life”. As I said at the beginning, “not being aware when the time is right”, gives a fulfilled momentum to someone’s life :) This is how Access Consciousness came in to my life; and so glad it did. And the further I got into it, I wanted to stay and be always there.

Now Aysun has her own company. Aysun wants to be an inspiration to everyone she knows, or doesn’t know, make them know what they know, explain to people that they have the right to choose in life; that conscious choices made in this reality and their outcome can bring an life with glory, ease and joy, and if necessary to take this journey together; within the pictures of their personal or business life, how people can advance with awareness… And many more, but we’ll talk about them when we meet :) None of this is as difficult as you imagine; it is only about choice and question. Come, let’s experience this together.

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