Name: Sara Licht
Phone: (608)215-5200
North Scottsdale
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Hello friends!

As a 'sensitive artist type' I struggled with depression and social anxiety starting in kindergarten. Forty-some years later, and many beautiful programs and self-help books along the way (for which I am very grateful,) it wasn't until Access Consciousness came along that I became free from depression. Access Bars has also changed how I am with people, allowing a much greater sense of "I'm okay" where before I was in heightened alert and not able be at ease in groups. Since receiving bars sessions, even public speaking is not the daunting task that it used to be.

Using Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness to facilitate change is so much fun! The feedback that I get from even just a 20 minute sample session is very satisfying.

What are your interests? Where would you like to have more ease, more fun and joy?
If you were really choosing for you, what would you choose?

Teaching the Access Bars technique to certify you to learn The Bars in a one-day class is something that I truly enjoy. Massage Therapists: I now can give you 8 CEU's for my bars classes, and 2 for Bars Swaps.

I have a horse named Rainy. She's magical. She's my best buddy, and it I love how using tools of Access expands what we do together. I've recently posted a couple of videos on our "About" page at so that you can meet her.
I've worked with horses for over 15 years as a professional, training them to ride and drive, and helping them to gain greater trust, confidence, and enjoy their jobs.

Are you new to Access? There are so many fantastic people and resources available to check out; it feels like a Candy Store for Consciousness and expansion! If you'd like to have tools or learn more on a particular topic, please message me and I'll point you towards some great resources.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Sara Licht
Horse Trainer
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator
Energetic Facelift Practitioner

North Scottsdale, AZ

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