Name: Nicole Enge
Phone: 0414 331 317
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Do you know what a GIFT you already BE to everyone and this beautiful planet?!

How much have you tried to get happy by trying to be “fix" yourself with mainstream or "spiritual" modalities to somehow get yourself out of the "rut", limitations and "patterning" you feel stuck in, with no avail?

Are you still searching to find the real YOU in your life?

To BE the potent, empowered leader of your own life and living, creating consciously from a space of unlimited possibilities??!

If that's a big YESSSS!!! then welcome to the most dynamic and evolving pragmatic tools, processes, philosophies and nurturing body processes available!

For me personally, Access Consciousness® and Access Bars® have revolutionised the paradigms of my entire life!

I have found ME!! It’s amazing how many people comment on how happy I am! The greatest joy of BEING here is discovering the authentic uniqueness of our true Infinite Being!

Since discovering Access Consciousness® 6 years ago, I have been able to clear an extraordinary amount of limited programming (thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs etc), more than other conventional or metaphysical modalities I had been using before.

I grew up with a parent with a mental illness. The emotional abuse and dysfunctional relationship I encountered was extremely challenging. It was a constant roller coaster of being manipulated, judged, ignored and then be held responsible as child-counsellor to the parent. I grew up lacking confidence with no real sense of me. Back then I always felt like I never fitted in, that there was something “wrong” with me for it to be this way!

After giving birth to my first son, I also became extremely aware of the spirit world quite suddenly and was paralysed by fear. Years on, who would have thought that it’s now one of my favourite topics and it’s a space of empowerment, ease, fun and receiving with entities and spirits!!

SInce using the tools of Access Consciousness® I no longer create my life from despair and dread. I love creating my life now from unlimited possibilities! I am grateful for the gifts that every day brings, the beautiful relationships I have, the energies I create my life consciously from each day. I have so much gratitude for everything!! That means the “good, the bad and the ugly”! I am no longer on the rollercoaster ride at the effect of everyone else’s “bad hair day”, moods, criticism and judgements! How does it get any better than that?!

What are you ready to let go of?

What are you ready to create?

What else is possible for you today, beyond your wildest imagination?

Are you too choosing to live a deeply fulfilling, extraordinary, inspiring life and change the planet?

I so enjoy facilitating:
* private Access Bars Sessions
* Access Body sessions
* Consciousness Life Coaching (Skype or in person)
*Teaching/facilitating Bars Classes in Melbourne. I also travel to Regional Melbourne for groups that are interested in learning Bars.

My gifts are an irrepressible energy and a lightness and joy of creating a space for clients of infinite possibility for change with way more ease!
* I enjoy coaching other parents to create a nurturing space and conscious relationship with themselves and their kids (Bars are awesome for kids, my kids who are 4 & 6 years old love it!). * I also love facilitating other adults to clear limited conditioning from a "dysfunctional" or challenging childhood/relationship enabling them to reclaim themselves and create a life with joy and potency!
* I also relish facilitating MUCH more ease, fun, potency and consciousness around the spirit world for kids and adults!!

And everything else in between!!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me!

What a recent client experienced in August 2014 with a Bars Session:

"I have done a lot of work on myself over the years and I thought I had sorted out a lot of things. However when Nicole offered Access Bars it sounded cool and I was all for trying something new! I felt a lot of things going on when she started working with me and I was blown away with what came up that was holding me back in many ways. Since that session I have moved forward so much and I highly recommend Nicole to everyone I meet now who is interested in creating change and has never heard of Access Bars work. So thankyou Nicole, you are very talented".
Tony S. (Reiki Master).

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