Name: Michele Follis
Phone: 970-901-8825
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What I love with a capital "L" about Access Consciousness is how real it is for me.

Access isn't always soft and fluffy, yet what hits me straight through the heart every time is THAT is what makes it special. The willingness Gary Douglas, Dr Dain Heer, and others have, to be REAL - WITH you. And to SEE you - as YOU.

That authenticity creates a palpable depth of kindness and caring that one rarely experiences even with friends and family. The changes I've experienced and have been able to sink my teeth into have come with more ease, than not. And that's due to the number of resources and the level of support one finds when you choose Access.

I became a Bars Facilitator to share this amazing feel good energetic processes. It's the first step in Access Consciousness, and for me, the foundation in creating the life I would like to have. The Bars can be a dynamic contribution to changing one's body and being. I've experienced it many times both as a giver and a receiver. And once you see something with your own eyes, and feel it with your body, there is no denying the possibilities that exist.

So what if you (remember that little you before the world got a hold of you) is not only perfect, but is all this world requires? What if YOU ARE a rock star?!
And those aren't sound bites.

Grateful beyond to Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer for sharing what they know.

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