Name: Devi N.
Address: North Point
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Indonesia
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Hello, Thank you for visiting my page.

I am an Access Certified Facilitator, Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator, Access Energetic Face-lift facilitator and a big fan of Access Consciousness.

I am very enthusiastic about life in general and a very happy person. I thought my life was great before I found Access Bars, but now I realize how totally AWESOME life can be, because I now have very little drama in my life, I have built my life the way I want to and I live my life for ME and doing the things that I love most. Access Bars helps me to stay more in present and at the same time, help me to step into my power as a person, a women, a mother, etc.

While I am a happy go lucky person, life is not always easy. I have had my ups and downs. As I have survived my downs, I feel I want to give back to other people and help them to claim their power as a person. As I feel that the universe supported me, and as I experienced the magic of living, I became interested in the way the universe works and how to tap into my own knowledge and intuition.

Initially I thought I needed to pursue two different things in my search for knowledge and wisdom, and to help other people. It is only when I found Access Consciousness, I realised I know a lot of things which I thought I did not know about heightening my own awareness, and I can do this by helping other people become conscious themselves. I know that Access Bars can help people to create the life that they desire and become very HAPPY PEOPLE. Can you imagine a world full of happy people? How does it get any better than that?

So, if you are still unsure about getting your bars run or choosing to join a class, I suggest for you to just try it. (I am happy to run a class in English or in Bahasa Indonesia). As Gary Douglas, the founder of Access said, "the worst possible scenario, you will feel relaxed as if you just had a head massage". However, in the best case scenario, like me, your life will be changed forever!

And if you want to experience more, you can also try one of the amazing Access Body Processes including energetic face lift and Access Consciousness Symphony Session. Just let me know :)


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