Name: Pia Rahr
Phone: +4522362489
Address: Kirkebyvej 37, Stauning
6900 Skjern
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Hello and welcome,

Do you recognize or have a similar story? Would you like to be you and joyful with it?

Have you ever felt wrong, not fitting in or just picking up any illness or pain that came alone.
What about emotionally feeling everyone's negative mood and wondering where all the happy people went?

I have spend most of my life looking for the answers on how to be right and perfect so I could make everyone happy. I had the idea that if they were happy, I would be happy!

For years I tried psychologists, doctors, medications, religion and praying, Chinese Medicin and diets but non of it change anything. So here I was getting more and more ill, my body looked like it was about to die from cancer, I was unable to work and be with people more than 30 min. much less be a mother.

Then when all doctors had given up finding the reason and friend asked a question, " have you tried Access Bars?". That one question open up a world of change and possibilities. We looked up a class, my husband and I had our own clinic and we might as well learn the Bars and if it worked on me, then help our clients too. I came to the class not able to hold my hands still from shaking or remembering anything for more than a few seconds, not to speak of extremely sad.
After one session of Bars were my husband learned to do it. I was able to return the treatment and after the 2. switches I could laugh, concentrate and didn't shake anymore.

How does it get any better than that? and What else is possible? was the new questions I started to ask. And my world open up.

I found that "Who does it belong to?" was the key question of my life :-) I found that I have this great ability to pick up everyone's thoughts, feelings and emotions. The cute but not very bright thing is that I think it is all mine when I sense it!! This is were I now use the wonderful Question and everything that's not mine ,I don't have to do anything about. Can you treat anything that not yours?

No more Seeking for the Answers! Awareness comes from asking the Question.

Ask a question and have my Bars run and I have endless possibilities. The very best thing is I'm healthy, joyful and have so much ease and fun. Just like I did when I was a little kid and didn't change for everyone to make them happy.

I use the Access Consciousness tools every day and if a weird mood or a pain come up I ask a question or have my Bars or a body Process run, and 99% of the time it wasn't mine and it goes away. How does it get any better than that?

Since that July 2013 where I found the Access tools,I find ease to be me and not having everyone tell me the answer. I decided to spend a lot of my time sharing the Joy and Facilitating Access Bars and Access Consciousness tools. I still do Acupuncture for things that really do belong to me or my clients :-)

Would you like to come play and learn some tool? Welcome

With Gratitude

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