Name: Jen Macleod
Phone: 07761979680
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I have always known that more is possible not always cognitively but energetically!! I would always make myself wrong for not having the cognition as to the energy I perceived.

If we were truly being us who would we be that we are currently not being? That is the question!!! If we were truly choosing for us what would we choose and what would we create?

What are the possibilities available to us and are we listening to the tiny whispers ……?

I have always been a seeker as to what else is possible and what else can I add to my repertoire, choosing many different avenues and exploring different modalities as a view to finally I would find what I am looking for. Does that sound familiar? Everything I have chosen I have come to acknowledge that I embrace change that if I were truly desiring something to show up differently that I required to be the one to do just that.

At times I did complain with words as to why does it have to be me that has to change all the time why not the other person. Now I know since choosing Access Consciousness that why is not a question it is a judgement. And it is up to me to acknowledge that I am the one that creates my life by the choices I make.

“every choice creates an awareness, awareness does not create choice” Gary Douglas.

So what can we create that is greater than we can ever possibly imagine…., what can we contribute to each other, what changes can we perceive and acknowledge? Only when we acknowledge what is true for us can things begin to change.

With 22 years in the Beauty Industry I have worked with many people and body’s, It is amazing the way in which we can communicate with the body as to what it is asking for, I have built up this muscle as to what people's body's are communicating within my years of working with body's. I own my own business which combines holistic therapies and I also facilitate Access Bars®, Body Process® and Access Energetic Facelift Classes and Symphony Sessions. I have continued with participating in energetic shares with many different amazing people from different parts of the World, gifting and receiving with each other created an ease and a space to unravel many aspects of me that I believed were true about me that actually weren’t. I have stepped into more of who I truly be, the unique, presence and difference I be and I am still discovering more, how does it get any better? Access has been the fastest and quickest modality out of all the modalities I have experienced that creates dynamic instantaneous change.

I have studied counseling skills and was a Beauty Therapist College Lecturer and Assessor to school link children for 6 years and work based students. I am a wife and a mother to 3 amazing beings. I can say it hasn’t always been an easy ride from the beginning , knowing what I know now and the tools that are available you can choose to do it the hard way or the easy way!! From here on in I choose ease!!!

I remember when I first had my Bars run all my self doubt disappeared and I had more zest and enthusiasm for life. I guess you could say I woke up to something else is truly possible if we are willing to let go and receive. Since working with the tools of access I have become more self empowered and continue to use the questioning tools .

If you would like to come and play and are making that demand for greater than what you are at present creating whatever that may be, I offer a space and an ease in which we can begin to discover your beauty of being, the kindness of you, the presence of you and tools to play with which may be the very thing that will allow you to have more joy and say in how your life shows up….

What if all of your life does come to you with ease, joy and glory? Would you choose it?

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