Name: Deepa Ramaraj
Phone: +91-98450-96748
Address: Malleswaram
Bangalore Karnataka
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**Deepa's bars class was fun and filled with insightful learning. The tools were simple and taught with personalised attention. Highy recommended her class to anyone who needs a change or is faced with many of life's challenges - Dipika V Maiya,Entrepreneur

**In my opinion Deepa's bars class was truly a spiritual experience. For me i learnt so much - to deal wit so many issues, expanded my awareness. And when the bars were run on me I felt like I had a hundred massages and felt so light after it - Sunita Bajaj, Pyramid Healer

** The Money Workbook workshop cleared quite a few of the preconceived notions I had about money. It made me more accepting of money and I am finding newer avenues of bringing in money.- Ravi N K

** I did the Money workshop with Deepa Ramaraj. It was awesome. During the session itself a lot of limitations I had unknowingly set on myself regarding money were released. After the workshop, I am finding newer avenues from where money has been flowing in. Deepa is a great facilitator. She really cuts across layers of our preconceived ideas in a gentle and inclusive manner without putting us on the defensive at any time - Deepa Krishnamurthy

** Hi Deepa, I thoroughly enjoyed the money workshop with you. It was one of the best Access Classes I had !! The money clearings were juicy ! - Hamida

** Great learning experience ! This new understanding of my relationship with money impacts my life in a very positive way. I feel so much more energy than before to achieve my personal and professional goals ! - Shilpa

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