Name: Olga Lipkovics
Phone: +27820620206
Address: 81 Meath Street Oakdale
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
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Yes, that is a shell with flowers on the top of my head. Yes, I'm not normal.
(My 5yrs old daughter designed it and put it on my head while I was nursing her little brother and requested me to pose for a picture)
If you are reading this page you are also on your way to admit you are not normal either.
It seems you are ready to play with the fact that being "not normal" AKA weird is totally fantastic.

What if being weird means you are authentic? What if you'd give it a try? What if you'd allow yourself to be weird/authentic? What if you don't have to pretend anymore that you are normal?
What if it would turn out that you enjoy it because you feel intensely that you are alive?
What if everything is possible?

Welcome to my page.
If it's time for you to admit you are weird and you are ready to change your life accordingly
please contact me and let's see what contribution I can be to your life right now.

If you are not ready to be weird, it's also ok. If you are ready to invite any kind of change into your life please feel free to contact me. What energy, space and consciousness can I be today to support you on your journey of healing?

Please click on the "Classes" tab to see my scheduled classes and gifting & receiving sessions what you can join.
If you'd like to have a private session please contact me by email (click on "Contact" tab)
I help people via Skype or phone and in person.
Contact me to see what works for both of us best and let's take it from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Wish you a day full of ease, joy and miracles!


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