Name: Kathy Hacking
Phone: 801-747-9880
Address: 84081
West Jordan
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I am very pleased with the changes these modalities have affected in my own life and, I love to unwrap the possibilities for wholeness with everyone.

The Bars and Access body processes are certainly my favorite tools,
I am a work in progress. I spend my time learning, teaching & creating beauty.

I love how the tools of Access have been a contribution to my life. They continue to facilitate the open hearted presence I need in my life as a mom, artist, & therapist.

Do you have an awareness of the beauty in your life? Are you experiencing joy and flowing in gratitude for everything? Are you healthy and happy?

I'd be glad to work with you - I invite you to a space of flowing with grace, and the miraculous universe of possibilities =) Come see me when you are ready to Access Magic!

~*~

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