Name: Peony Chung
Address: 香港, 台灣, 中國, 東南亞 及全球
Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Asia & Global
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鍾卓妍 Peony Chung

Access Consciousness™ 認可導師 Certified Facilitator, CFMW
Access Consciousness™ 認可 BYCF 導師 Being You Certified Facilitator
Access Consciousness™ 認可 CHCR 導師 Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Certified Facilitator
Access Consciousness™ 認可身體程序導師 Body Process Facilitator

Since 2014, Peony starts to contribute by providing simultaneous live translation for different Access classes facilitated by the Founder of Access Consciousness™ Mr. Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr. Dain Heer; and other written translations.

"Life" itself has given her so much learning. She thought that the purpose of life is to become a "better" self, to create a better world, that's why she acquired a wide range of knowledge, skills and professions. Until she met Access Consciousness™, she discovers infinite possibilities are here, they are around and everywhere, they are in the questions and in the choices. "Choice creates awareness, not awareness creates choice!" This turns her world upside down and inside out.

Consciousness is like dandelions keeps empowering her to step on the road to consciousness. It has her back at all times to be truly being her, to be that joyous, happy and blossom Peony. With her working experience from being a lawyer, in mediation and negotiation, finance and investment, to the later pursue and studies into areas of family, marriage and parental relationship, psychology, yoga and spirituality in order to deal with this reality; now, it is the time this reality to deal with her.

In the past 2 years, she has been facilitating different Access classes in different areas of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for more than 40 times. From now onward, she would be able to contribute more in facilitating the following classes: the Foundation class, Conscious Horse Conscious Riders class, Being You Adventures classes and more other topics.

That endless source of freedom, and the joyful, creative and generative energies keep tugging her to go into the world, to be that energy and space and be the catalyst of change, to empower more people to know the possibility and choice of more awareness ~ to be the one they truly be. Do you know that ~ you ~ are the gift that you have long been waiting for to receive?

*** Welcome to our world! ***

從 2014 年 Peony 開始為 Access Consciousness™ 創辦人Gary Douglas , Dr. Dain Heer 及多位外籍的認可導師所開授的 Access 課程提供多次現場口譯,及大量的文字工作,正如創辦人Gary Douglas 說, Access 所用的並非正常或標準的英語,感恩從此的鍛煉之中獲得另一種的覺識力。

生命這二字給了她無數的“學習”,以為人生的目的是為了學會成為“更好”的自己,創造一個更美好的世界,所以一直沒有停止過學習各種知識,技能及專業。直至遇上 Access Consciousness™ ,才發現無限的可能性就在這裡,就在周圍,就在提問中,就在選擇中。 Choice creates awareness, not awareness creates choice! 選擇創造覺知, 而非覺知​​創造選擇 ! 這顛覆她一生被教導和一直在學習的藍本。

意識就像蒲公英般引領 Peony 踏上意識之路,一直在她背後像羽毛般輕柔地支撐著她,讓她成為那個她真正所是的自己,成為那個喜悅、豐盛和燦放的牡丹花。過去這麼多年她藉著從事律師、調解及談判,金融及投資等工作,及至研習家庭、婚姻及親子關係,心理學,瑜珈及靈性等多方面來應付這個現實; 現在,是時候讓這個現實來應付她了。

過去 2 年曾在中國大陸、香港、台灣等地開辦多達 40 次的 Bars 課及身體程序課 。從現在起,可以貢獻及共同創造的領域更是擴展至 Access 的核心課程 “基礎課程”,專門課之 “有意識的馬,有意識的策騎”,“成為您,改變世界” 及其他生活的題材。

那份源源不絕並且充滿著自由,喜悅,和創造的能量驅動著她向世界出發,成為純粹的能量和空間,及允許輕鬆的改變發生,令更多人同樣享有可能性去選擇更多的意識 ~ 成為您真正所是的自己,您可知 ~ 您 ~ 就是那份您一直等待著去接收的那份禮物嗎 ?

*** Welcome to our world! ~~ ~~ 歡迎來到我們的世界! ***

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