Name: Simone Padur
Phone: +447803773953
Suffolk, England
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Access has changed my life from just getting through everyday to place of joy, fun, laughter and new possibilities.

I had tried many different modalities. I voraciously read books on self help, healing and spirituality; looking for something that would give me a sense of peace or least ease the panic.
However, as much I marveled at these words of wisdom and endeavored to achieve oneness that many authors and teachers spoke about I only ever felt like I was treading water.

I was also looking for something that would allow me to empower my students I taught because I not only saw these bright little sparks be dulled and disillusioned over time but I also how as teachers and the school system that we merely teaching them to obey and not come up with things on their own. I discovered I was not alone in this observation and I'm glad to say there are many teachers out their doing marvelous things in their classrooms.

However, I found nothing that really worked for me until I came across the work of A.S. Neill and Access Consciousness. What I know now is I was looking for were tools that empower not only my students but empower me to now I could have choice beyond what I was currently living.
I was looking for were tools that actually facilitated a noticeable change now, not in 10 years from now.

It was not long after I made this demand that my I came cross Access Consciousness and had my first bars session. After that first session something turned on or seed of possibility was planted. That seed took root and I knew that I simply had to know more. It has been 7 years since my first bars session and my life has completely changed.

How does this apply to my classroom? Well I discovered through doing Access Classes that the question empowers and the answer disempowers...simple as that :) I then realised that all the really phenomenal teachers I had had did just that they lived in that sense of question and "Hey so what do you know?" What if it were as easy as asking a question?

Continuing to use the Acces tools and going to classes I have more joy, more laughter, more ease with everyone in my life. My life is becoming more and more phenomenal and playful each day. Oh and did I mention that there is more wealth too:D

If you could choose to have anything in you life be different what would it be?
What if changing weren't hard work?
What if it was easy, fun and full of laughter?
What if it were as fast as the snap of your fingers?
Do you have the courage to change? To have the phenomenal life you always knew was possible but never seemed to be within you grasp?

If you would like to know more simply send in an enquiry and or catch me on Facebook on my Education for a Conscious Future Page :)

I do private sessions, classes as well as Skype sessions.

Thanks so much for being you :)

Simone Padur

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